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Classic Car


Setting New Standards 

Have a classic car, hot rod, muscle car or antique that needs restoring? At Vintage Motorworks LA, we have the certified technicians and top of the line technology to bring your dream car into reality. Whether it's your 1953 Chevy Truck or your 1961 Jaguar E-Type, we do it all. Restorations come in all shapes and sizes including interior restoration, mechanical restoration, electrical restoration, complete body & paint restoration, and suspension restoration also specializing in building a car to concourse specification.


At Vintage Motorworks LA, we are trained and experienced in all types of complete classic car restorations, whether its specific area of the vehicle (interior) or a complete “frame off” the body which includes replacing or repairing “like new” all the vehicle parts. 

A full auto restoration primarily includes:
  • Disassemble and catalog every piece on vehicle

  • Pull body off the frame (optional)

  • Media blast and restore frame (optional)

  • Media blast or mechanically/chemically strip vehicle

  • Metal repairs of all rust

  • Replace or replate all trim

  • A completely smooth out body of all waves and dents

  • Etch prime and seal vehicle after stripping

  • High build primer after bodywork

  • Block sand entire vehicle

  • Paint and the clear vehicle includes all jambs, under the hood and under the deck lid

  • Sand and buff

  • Undercoat vehicle


  • Rebuild existing mechanical systems or replace systems

  • Upgrade brake, steering and suspension systems

  • Rebuild engine or replace with a crate motor

  • Upgrade transmission and gearing for a smoother ride

  • Building blueprint motors to any spec from mild to wild

  • Upgrading to modern mechanical systems

  • Replace seat covers, foam and repair springs

  • Replace carpet

  • Replace headliner

  • Restore dash

  • Restore door panels

  • Replace or restore interior trim

  • Custom Upholstery/modifying interior 

The car of your dreams is just a few steps away...

Call us today at (818) 281-2795 if you have any questions.

Ready to Restore Your Vehicle?

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